About ME!

“Arms down here say ‘I’m white and I’m sorry,” but arms up here say ‘You don’t know what I am.'” – Modern Family

Humour keeps me going. I don’t know what I’d do without laughter in my life.

Je m’appelle Josephine. First year RTA student, trying to make a name for myself. Born and raised in Toronto, but I’m still a tourist in my own city. I seriously haven’t met any other race except for Asians due to my unfortunate geographical placement (but I assume RTA will finally change that) and no matter how hard I try, my French accent sucks (though I still love attempting to speak the language). I am also directionally challenged. One time, when I was doing an exchange program in the middle of nowhere, Quebec, I got lost for an hour trying to find a house literally 800 meters away from my house. Please don’t ask me for directions.

I love media with a passion. Television is my parallel dimension and it helped me expand my creativity. Music calms me down, as I enjoy fingering… the bass guitar. I’m excited for what’s to come in this Digital Media class with professor Petrou and professor Toliopoulos.



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