RE: Kick-Ass got famous because of Transmedia

November 15th, 2013
Friday, 1:30 AM

I love telling and listening to stories. My favourite game when I was a child had to be broken telephone. How absurd it’d be to hear the last person say something completely different from what was originally passed on!

When I can’t sleep, I find things to do. So I am going to finish my blog post for this week. When I learned about Transmedia Storytelling in Digital Media, I immediately thought about Kick-Ass and ran home to re-watch that movie.

Here’s 3 stories I can’t wait to share with you!

1) Live Tweeting the last few episodes of Breaking Bad

Live Tweeting

Do you like my Twitter background? I do! I miss Breaking Bad. It was such a great drama. The storytelling in this show was superb. Honestly, the plot twists and surprises… everything’s surprising and intense. I found myself binge watching the last few episodes and “live tweeting” my emotions as I watched in total awe. In class, I learned that sort of multitasking was called “second screen and social TV”, which is basically using apps, playing games, reading stories- anything that compliments our TV watching experience. For me, I post my reactions on a social networking site. I’ve received quite the mixed feedback- some people are mad because what I’m posting could be accounted for as spoilers but others are congratulating me for finishing the series. I love receiving replies, I think they’re absolutely hilarious. Me feeling good = Better TV watching experience.

2) Kick-Ass’s rise to stardom


I’ve been talking a LOT about Kick-Ass, but it’s just this one scene that keeps playing in my head. It’s the scene where he is walking around and sees a crime happening around a convenience store/gas station parking lot. He goes in to stop the crime but is severely beaten up. However, a crowd starts to form and Kick-Ass sort of regains motivation and control of the situation. He ends up winning against the criminals. The video a bystander took made Kick-Ass look totally bad ass and the video went viral, making Kick-Ass terribly popular as well.

A story was told through video and shared on the internet, to the widest audience possible. Coincidence? I think not. That’s a prime example of how storytelling is changing throughout the generations. Just in that scene alone, it reflects on how we’re losing the private and intimate qualities in storytelling and instead, gaining a wider community aspect to it.

And then in the movie, after he’s mega famous, he’s on all these different platforms! There’s a Kick-Ass comic, Kick-Ass merchandise, Kick-Ass websites… the list goes on and on! A prime example of transmedia here.

3) Fan Fictions

Keep in mind:

Hey @lauriepetrou you know who’s amazing at fan fiction? KPOP FANS OKAY wow they go crazy on that stuff holy jeez #bdc192


I virtually overheard a conversation between my cousin (who lives in Malaysia, love her) and her friends.


I personally find fan fictions very creepy. Maybe it’s because the only fan fictions I am exposed to (thanks to people like my cousin and other friends) are all sexual and strange. Writers either ship crack pairings or they put themselves with the most attractive character and create some sort of weird sexual fantasy. I’ve been influenced and can’t help but to see fan fictions in a negative light. No matter how much they extend experiences, I can’t deal with them. I HOPE I AM NOT INSULTING/OFFENDING ANYBODY THOUGH. That’s my story on fan fictions, but I wanted to make it clear that I don’t hate fan fictions. Writers, keep doing your thing if that’s what you like to do.


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